Boeing Employees Wine and Beer Club
October Beer Meeting

October 21, 2016 - 7:00

Larry's Brewing supply in Tukwila

790 Andover Park E, Tukwila, WA 98188

  • Oktoberfest potluck.  Maybe. Looking into it. But save the date!
  • A Speaker. Sure, why wouldn't there be.  Keep us informed/educated while food is prepped.
  • Beer on the Fly. Absolutely.  And I am flexing my divinely appointed iron fist rulership here.  His Grace will bring a dark mild to discuss before he leaves.  But that is not enough, I will bring my fresh hop ESB (mostly my home grown Willamette) to make it BOTFx2!!
  • Style Sherpa. If only there was a style that fit the whole late-fall/Halloween time frame.  Well, I'm stumped, but lucky for you the Style Sherpa was not.  Bringeth oneth the pumkineth beereth! (yes that is authentic oldeth englisheth)
  • Cheaper hops. I last posted that Rockin' Hops was $20/# for Cascade and Nugget.  I sovereignly declare them to be $18/#.   Wholesale prices available for over 10#. That, or Sharon from RH noted I had it slightly wrong.

And the usual shenanigans.

Winefest 2016 Resuts

Dear Winefest 2016 participants and judges!

Please refer the following scoring sheet with overall results of the event.

Thank you to everybody who made this event a success with entering their wines, and participating as a judge.

Special thank you to the following volunteers who made it all possible:

  • Page and Dennis Campbell for opening their home to the event for the countless time, shopping for food, cooking stakes, setting up tables, cleaning up after the whole invasion, and the list goes on and on ... thank you!
  • Kathryn Chalfan for countless hours coordinating the event, serving entries for evaluation, and whatever else might have come up
  • Paul Woodward for keeping entrycategories straight, cooking excellent salmon and treating backoffice team to his excellent Chardonnay
  • Doug Haugen for washing countless glasses to keep the whole operation going
  • Elena Smirnova for entering results, printing award labels so scoring sheets could be distributed along with awards almost immediately after judging was completed
  • participants bringing snacks and helping to setup and clean up afterwards
Thank you!

Don't miss a chance to get a personal thank you next year

Thank you

Best regards

Alexey Smirnov

BEWBC VP of Wine

2016 Winefest Awards
Website Calendar Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The club website is currently having problems with the calendar and will continue to do so until it is upgraded (work is in progress).  In the meantime, remember that every third Friday is a joint beer meeting with the Impaling Alers homebrew club at Larry's Brewing Supply.  Wine meetings will be posted on the website and we will make an effort to contact registered members about the event.  As a reminder, don't forget to renew your membership for 2015!



You can also follow our Facebook page that we will try to start using more frequently!


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