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Equipment Check Out Processs Reminder

All, during this busy time of year it is very important to use Google calendar to check out the club equipment.   It is not fair for those members that follow the procedure and go pick up the equipment only to find out that is not there.  The check out procedure is in the member area à processes and procedures à equipment check-out procedure or you can use the link below.  Also please minimize the period that the equipment is checked out so others can use it.

October Beer Meeting - Oktoberfest!
That's right, we 'Murricans celebrate Oktoberfest in October, not in September. And that is exactly what Crown Prince Ludwig would want, since that is when he originally held the first Oktoberfest. Just because people want better weather, they think they can move Oktoberfest to September and not change the name.
Yes, this Friday, October 17th at 7:00-ish PM is our annual Oktoberfest Potluck. Homebrewers tend to also be great cooks, or at least married to one. Either way, there will be much delectable food, as I feel the pot will be very lucky.  Bring main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Oh, and, umm, just maybe, some fermented beverages to accompany the food. Family is always welcome and non-fermented beverages will be supplied.
Also, please bring non-perishable food items to help "Fill the Keg" TM for those who might need a little extra food this season.  Proceeds to go to Northwest Harvest Food Bank. I wonder if that bank has food ATMs or substantial interest penalty for early withdrawal? Regardless, bring some food!

There will be a few brief announcements; mainly threats, extortion and brow beating into helping with the Joint Novembeerfest / Puget Sound Pro-Am.

When: Friday, October 17th, 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Larry's Brewing Supply

7405 South 212th St # 103, Kent, WA 98032

Chuck Fulkerson

The club lost a dear friend this past summer. Chuck Fulkerson was a long time member joining the then Boeing Employees Winemakers Club back in the early 70’s. He served as editor of club’s newspaper, The Press for more than a decade. It was in this capacity that his talent for writing shined and he never seemed to miss an opportunity to infuse his well known sense of humor in the articles he wrote.

I remember him as a gentleman and mentor as well as an accomplished wine maker garnering several Best of Shows in wine competitions. Recalling back to when he won the Best of Show at the ’82 Winefest, the judges pronounced his Cabernet and Merlot blend to be an exceptional wine reminiscent of classic Bordeaux.

His family generously donated some of his wine making equipment to the club recently. The intent is to sell these reasonably priced items to the membership and apply the proceeds towards the purchase a much needed digital projector. It would be a fitting memorial.

The items are listed in the Membership Area under the Forum/Buy, Sell, Trade tab.

Steve Foisie

September Joint Alers Beer Meeting

This is the last summer meeting as the Fall Equinox inexorably approaches (9/22).  So come celebrate the end of summer and embrace the fall. And well, if there is one plant that loves long days, and is sad to see them go, it is hops!  Yes, those lovely plants know to yield their bounty to us as the days shorten.  So our great and mighty Overpresidemporlord has declared a meeting to focus on these beautiful gems.  Whether it is growing, drying, pelletizifying, storing under C02 or liquid nitrogen or any other hot hop topic, rest assured, it will be covered in scintillating detail.

This also from the divine Overpresidemporlord: Umm, yeah, Beer-on-the-fly Guy/Gal, like don't forget to bring your beer, or else! Or else what!??!  There will be less beer.
Featured brewery is Wingman Brewers out of Tacoma. I enjoyed a few of their beers this summer.  I am totally in love with their can art, being a bit of a WWII aviation buff.  I am hoping for awesome swag, but will be pleased with just beer and getting to hear what they have to say.
The heart of the Overpresidemporlord cares not just for us, but for all folks.  So we will be doing a "fill the keg" event to collect non-perishable food/toiletries/... to donate to local charities to help those who may have to choose between beer and eating or brushing.
The Style Sherpette will edumacate us and supply samples,  I do hope it is some ridiculously hoppy styles...

As always, bring your amazing fermented creations, snacks, food and smiling sparkling selves and let's have a great meeting.


When: Friday, September 19th, 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Larry's Brewing Supply

7405 South 212th St # 103, Kent, WA 98032


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