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Here is a list of all of the winners of previous Puget Sound Pro-Ams.



Click here for 2011 BJCP Competition Results

BOS Winners:

1st Place - Travis Nye's Rye PA (Specialty Beer)

2nd Place - Kenneth Reister's Reisterbrau Czar Stout (Russian Imperial Stout)

3rd Place - Nick Ladd's Albino Wit (Witbier)

HM - Jesse Perez Siberian Baltic Porter (Baltic Porter)

2011 Pro-Am Selections:

Baron Brewing – Mike Ritzer's Grunge Effect, North German Altbier

Big Time Brewing – Ken Reister's Reisterbrau's Czar Russian Imperial Stout

BJ's Brewery Tacoma – Trevor Nichol's Biere de Printemps Biere de Garde

Elliott Bay Brewing Company – Tim Heryford's Black Pepper Porter

Elysian Brewing Company – Travis Nye's Rye PA

Harmon Brewery – Ben Schielke's Expedi-ale New American Pale Ale

Issaquah Brewhouse – Sean Drew's Sir Osis D'liver's Oloroso Scotch Wood Aged Beer

Naked City Brewery - Timothy Frommer's Life in a Northern Town Brown Northern English Brown

Ram Brewery Tacoma – Jonathan Permen's Fruition Raspberry Biere de Garde

Rock Bottom Seattle – Jesse Perez's Siberian Baltic Porter

Rock Bottom Bellevue – Dan Hansen's Bohemian Pilsner

Snipes Mountain Brewery – Karl VanEvenhoven's Cascadian Dark Ale

Silver City Brewery – Nick Ladd's Albino Wit, Witbier

Big Al Brewing - Mark Joy's Chilly Willy, Spice Beer

Powerhouse - Ryan McGee's Mai Sharona, Maibock


2010 BJCP results are posted here.

BOS Winners:
BOS: Dan Stillwell's Strawberry Mead, Lynnwood, WA, GEBL

2nd Place: Mike & Steve Brown's Czech Pleaze (Bohemian Pilsner), Lynnwood, WA, CBG

3rd Place: Brian Thatcher's Baltic Porter, Kingston, WA, Impaling Alers

Honorable Mention: Brian Searfass's Hop Barn Belgian IPA, Kenmore, WA, GEBL

2010 Puget Sound Pro-Am Selections:



Beer Name


Baron Brewing Company

Scott Wells

Asc: Mark Kizer

Austin, TX

Maui Wowie!

Coconut Porter

Big Al Brewing

Mike Ritzer

Newcastle, WA 

Uber Alt

Dusseldorf Alt

Big Time Brewery & Alehouse

Brian Thatcher

Kingston, WA 

Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter

BJ's Tacoma

Mark Emiley

Federal Way, WA 

Rod and Todd Flanders

Flanders Bruin

Diamond Knot Brewery

Kenneth Reister

Olympia, WA 

Winter Warmer

Old Ale

Elliott Bay Brewery

Tim Heryford

Vashon, WA 

Black Pepper Porter

Black Pepper Porter

Elysian Brewing Company

Derek Immekus/ Blake Hamamoto

Seattle, WA

Polecat Porter

Baltic Porter

Harmon Brewery

Bob Monroe

Seattle, WA 

Woodrow Imperial Milk Stout

Russian Imperial Stout

Naked City

Dan Hansen

Asc: Will Fredin

Granite Falls, WA

Imperial Porter

Wood aged Imperial Porter

Ram/Big Horn Brewery

Rodney Kibzey

Lombard, IL 

Blackend Hops

Cascadian Dark Ale

Rock Bottom Brewery - Bellevue

Colin Lenfesty

Seattle, WA 

Achtung Baby

Berliner Weisse

Rock Bottom Brewery - Seattle

Tavish Sullivan & Laura Beck

Bothell, WA 

May the Schwartz Be With You


Schooner Exact

Adam Inglin

Olympia, WA 

Scottish Wee Heavy

Strong Scotch

Snipes Mountain Brewing Company

Derry Jefferis

Asc: Karl Vanevenhoven

Yakima, WA 


American IPA



Powerhouse Restaurant & Brewery

Dan Hansen

Granite Falls, WA 

English XX Wine

English Barleywine

Airways Brewing Company

Brian Thatcher

Kingston, WA 




2009 BJCP Competition Results Posted Here!


1st Place: Steve Milnes's "Kolsch"

2nd Place: Mark Trent's "Valle de Oro" (Belgian Specialty Ale)

3rd Place: Mike & Steve Brown's "Caber Toss" (Strong Scotch Ale)

Honorable Mention: Jeff O'Neal's "The Kind" (Classic Rauchbier)

Pro-Am Qualified Selections:

Baron Brewing Company - Joel Pratt's "Goat Roper Scotch Ale", Strong Scotch Ale

Big Al Brewing - Mike & Steve Brown's "Caber Toss", Strong Scotch Ale

Big Time Brewery and Alehouse - Ryan Hilliard's "Pale Ale", American Pale Ale

Diamond Knot Brewery - Eric Surface's "Vader-Ade", Schwartzbier

Elliott Bay Brewery - James Golovich's "American Barleywine 2007", American Barleywine

Elysian Brewing Company - Mark Joy's "Pucker Puss", Wood Aged Beer

Flyers Restaurant and Brewery - Mark Emiley's "Formico", Foreign Extra Sout

Issaquah Brewhouse - Nathan Zorich's "Rochefontaine's 9", Belgian Dark Strong

Ram Restaurant and Brewery (Lakewood) - Steve Milnes's "Golden Strong", Belgian Golden Strong

Rock Bottom Brewery - Bellevue - Colin Lenfesty's "From Belgium, Wit Love", Witbier

Rock Bottom Brewery - Seattle - Tim Hayner's "No Spit Wit", Witbier

Snipes Mountain Brewing Company - Karl Vanevenhoven & Derry Jefferis's "American Pale Ale", American Pale Ale

Fish Brewing Company - Kenneth Reister's "Reisterbrau", Classic American Pilsner

"Recreational" Selections

Baron Brewing Company - Alison Sheafor-Joy's "Tangy Mole Brew", Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Powerhouse Restaurant and Brewery - Jim Brischke's "Fairly Common", California Common


2008 BJCP Competition Results here: PDF


1st Place: James Golovich's Munich Helles

2nd Place: Mark Emiley's May Day Kolsch

3rd Place: Mike and Steve Brown's Oaked Father Time (Oaked Old Ale)

Honorable Mention: James Golovich's American Barleywine 2007

Pro-Am Qualified Selections

1. Ram – Seattle/U District – Brian Thatcher's "Tar Pit Stout", Russian Imperial Stout

2. Ram – Puyallup – Joel Pratt's "Tilted Kilt Scotch Ale", Strong Scotch Ale

3. Ram – Tacoma – Kevin Davey's "Davey Grande Reserve", Belgian Dark Strong

4. Diamond Knot – James Golovich's "Munich Helles", Munich Helles

5. Elysian Brewing Company – Kenneth Reister's "After the Supernova", Russian Imperial Stout

6. Rogue – Mike Fox's "American Stout", American Stout

7. Big Time Brewery – Jeff Niggemeyer's "Barking Dog", Scottish Export 80/-

8. Rock Bottom – Seattle – Mark Emiley's "May Day Kolsch", Kolsch

9. Rock Bottom – Bellevue – Colin Lenfesty and Rodney Clark's "Saison du Beacon", Saison

10. Elliott Bay Brewery – Paul Cervenka's "Pliny the Hop Shortage Denier", Imperial IPA

11. Elliott Bay Brewery (2009 Pro-Am) – James Golovich's "American Barleywine 2007", American Barleywine

12. Pike Brewing Company – Dean Priebe's "Pig Biting Porter", Robust Porter

"Recreational" Selection (not constrained to Pro-Am entrant selection criteria)

13. Powerhouse – Mark Emiley's "Cascade Cougar", Imperial IPA


BOS Winners

1st Place - Tom Schmidlin's Spruce Wit for Brains (Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer)

2nd Place - Tom Schmidlin's Schmocked Bock (Other Smoked Beer)

3rd Place - George Hamasaki's Keoki's Pale Ale II (American Pale Ale)

Honorable Mention - Colin Lenfesty's Stairway to Heaven (Belgian Specialty Ale)


Brewery Selections

Rogue Brewery: Nathan Zorich's No Quarter Smoked Porter

Harmon Brewery: George Hamasaki's Keoki's Pale Ale II (American Pale Ale)

Big Horn-Ram - Lacey, WA: Colin Lenfesty and Rodney Clark's Stairway to Heaven (Belgian Specialty Ale)

Big Horn-Ram - Kent, WA: Mark Emiley's Completion (English Barleywine)

Elysian Brewery: Ron Yabut's Argentine (Strong Scotch Ale)

Diamond Knot Brewery: Peter Twigg's Come Hither (Cream Ale)

Powerhouse: Mike & Steve Brown's Death By Hops (Imperial IPA)