Beer Events

You can have BEER!  We have our usual notorious brew raffle with about 16 cases of competition beer. And 3-ish cases of Lagunitas.  $00.50 USD (fitty cent) per ticket. Just enjoy these fine brews or hone your judging skillz (yeah, adding a 'Z' makes it 133.7% cooler) and judge them on your own per the category of the label.  Thanks again to all who made such a great success of these year's JNPSPA.

Remember, we meet at the Lake Desire Clubhouse.  7:00pm. 12/15

18118 172nd Ave SE, Renton, WA 98058, USA

So, what is happening at the meeting:

  • Whore's Duvets and Lucky Pot- Bring some sweet leaf that makes you lucky and a duvet from a, what's that?  Oh, sorry sir.  The Overpresidemporlord has informed me that I not only misheard but that this is wildly politically incorrect and/or locally/federally illegal.
  • Horse Doovers Pot Latch - Bring in your favorite horse manure to give away to those who don't have enough.  Say again sir. How about you type it, Mr. Overpresidemporlord.
  • Hors d'oeuvres Pot Luck - Bring an appetizer, snack, or heck, a bag of pretzels. Nothing fancy, unless, you want to!
  • Style Sherpa - Yes! Stylin' as always.
  • FeBr (Iron Brewer) - The brewers will present their beers based on igneous rocks and smoked rhino while fermenting below zero degrees Kelvin. Or whatever the ingredients/process were. And yes, a new challenge is being readied for the victor and those who are brave enough to dare to try and unseat them.
  • Topic - Yes! you will be enlightened and empowered.
  • Raffle - Sixers of beer.  Tickets are fitty cent. Pay attention.
  • Usual Mayhem and Madness - Announcements, upcoming events and sharing each other's brews and talking about them.