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Two Mountain Vineyards  has requested  that we get Malbec orders in ASAP if we would like to secure grapes!

Hello BEWBC Winemakers!

It's that time again.  This is a heads up that Equal Priority grape ordering period will begin On March 1st and will end on March 21st. 

 "Equal Priority" is the new name for what has previously been called "Open Enrollment".  This is to better reflect what this time period means - that all orders placed within the Equal Priority ordering period will be given … equal priority … and higher priority than those orders placed after Equal Priority ordering period.  Orders placed after Equal Priority are accepted on an "as available" basis in the order of first come / first served.  In the event an offering sells out, those who placed their order during Equal Priority will be given higher priority and those who ordered after will not have access to the grapes (unless our allocation is increased).  This also applies to unexpected shortages during harvest time - higher priority for those who ordered during Equal Priority. 
 In the meantime, be sure you renew your membership
Renewing is easy by clicking on and following the instructions. 
Any questions regarding membership or eligibility can be directed to Laraine Volpe, our Membership Chairperson. 

An announcement and instructions for grape ordering will be provided when the ordering period begins.  Also, in the meantime, you can peruse the grape offerings on this website.  There may be a few revisions prior to March 1st.