Wine News

We are very fortunate to have the SRS storage facility for our crushing and storage needs.  During crush season, our activities can be a bit disruptive.  The owner, Sherwood, has been very understanding over the years.  

One of our members recently had a conversation with Sherwood at a crush.  Sherwood offered him some "friendly feedback" which we should take seriously:

  • Please give the SRS office a courtesy call estimating when a grape truck might come in. A day's notice is a good rule of thumb.  The office number is 425-396-1410. This gives the office time to react if they have other scheduled maintenance that cannot occur while the club is crushing grapes.
  • As a club we need to do a better job leaving no trace of the grapes or grape juice behind.  If all the grapes and grape juices are not pushed down the drain or swept up, the grapes will eventually dry out and leave a sticky residue on the asphalt. Then, as Sherwood explained, cars will drive over the sticky mess and spread it around.  This results in SRS having use their personnel to clean it up.  If one just looks around SRS it is spotless and pristine, so we need to keep that in mind when cleaning up. Leave no trace. I would recommend that all focals, when crushing, check in with Sherwood and ask if there is anything we can do better, that is after the focal gives Sherwood a bottle of wine?Sherwood also said he thinks we just need to use more water from the hose and that the water is free.
  • Finally, Sherwood said to be sure to turn the water OFF before the last person leaves. As such I would recommend that all focals check the water spigot before leaving. 

Whether we are focals, driving, crushmaster, or just picking up grapes, we are all responsible.  Please help make sure we stay on good terms with SRS.

In summary:

Notify SRS at ‭(425) 396-1410‬ a day in advance

Bring a bottle of wine for Sherwood

Remove all grape residue

Shut off the water