Wine News

Grapes have already started coming in!  

Chandler Reach Syrah grapes came in Friday, Sept 1st, marking the first club crush of the year at out Snoqualmie Ridge Storage unit.  Brix was 27, pH 3.63, and TA 5.25.  The Chandler Reach focal said Merlot and then Sangiovese are coming next week, most likely.  This is earlier than usual, because of the hot temperatures.

Travis Bristow is the club's main Grape Procurement Coordinator.

For more real time info about grapes at vineyards in Eastern Washington, take a look at WSU's Growing Degree Day charts, and temperature map.  Artz/Kiona has a data sheet up for 2023 Vintage Maturity Data.  Please realize that vineyards get extremely busy during this time and may or may not add timely updates to this data.